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A free standing oval bath in the centre of a tiled bathroom

Resurfacing is a specialist procedure carried out if the enamel on your bath has multiple chipping, rusting or if the enamel has worn too thin to be restored by polishing.


If all other works in the bathroom are intact and the bath is the only problem then the bath can be resurfaced on site without removing any taps, fittings or tiling. If the bath is looked after and the after care instructions are followed resurfacing is a very successful alternative to re-enamelling. Resurfacing can be carried out in a variety of different colours.


Resurfacing and re-enamelling are two completely different procedures. If you would like your bath to be enamelled then you must remove the bath from the bathroom and send it to a vitreous enameller.


For further information regarding vitreous enamelling and for approved VEA members who can re-enamel your bath you can visit the Institute of Vitreous Enamel Associations web site at www.ive.co.uk.

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Bath in need of resurfacing White bath before resurfacing work White bath after resurfacing