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If you have a cast iron bath, a specialist procedure called re-polishing can be done on site to restore the enamel to its original colour and shine. Re-polishing is normally considered if the enamel is still intact but is rough, stained or has lime scale.


Damage to cast iron baths is normally caused by using abrasive cleaning products which can remove the enamel's shine and cause the enamel to become streaked, rough and porous. The enamel will eventually attract dirt, look grey and become very difficult to keep clean.


Having leaky taps or a leaky shower head will cause water to sit on the enamel which will form a lime scale deposit and eventually corrode the surface. Cleaning the bath after every use is important as this will remove soap scum and body grease. Wiping the bath out after cleaning will prevent any lime scale forming.


When cleaning enamel always use a product that has been approved by the Institute of Vitreous Enamel Association.


For VEA approved products which can be purchased at your local supermarket you can visit their web site at www.ive.co.uk


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