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Bath chip repairs are carried out on site and can repair damage to cast iron and pressed steel baths. The chip repair is filled and colour matched to the original enamel.


Chips can be caused in a number of ways, the most common being hand held shower heads and metal plugs being dropped, or tools being dropped when carrying out renovation works such as tiling etc.

Bath chip repair

Anti-slip can be applied to the base of the bath where you would normally stand to shower. Anti-slip is ideal if your bath has been resurfaced as bath mats with suction pads are not recommended to be used on a resurfaced bath.


Anti-slip is a good alternative to a bath mat as the anti-slip is virtually invisible and more hygienic.


An anti-slip finish must be kept clean to prevent loss off any friction. Soap scum, body grease, oil, conditioner or shampoo residue can cause the anti-slip to be less effective so cleaning the bath after every shower or bath is important.

Anti-slip application

Marble polishing

Clean and polish marble floors, marble walls and vanity tops.

Marble repair

Fill and colour match to existing marble and repair invisibly.

Chip repairs, marble polishing

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